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Santiago de Compostela
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Dr. Javier Gomez Barreiro and his team of dental professionals welcome you to our clinic.

Our experience and professionalism together with the latest technology are at your disposal in order to offer you a dental practice of the highest quality. Our clinical facilities are equipped with state of the art dental technologies, enabling us to effectively carry out all dental services with specific equipment for each treatment. We listen to our patients because we know that this results in a better therapeutic process, a better post-operative period, and a better perception of the dental clinic and the dentist.

We offer you fully personalised care and outstanding prevention assessments as well as complete transparency and reliability in diagnosis and treatments.

Santiago de Compostela

Specialised in exclusive dentistry. Our clinic is located in the center of Santiago de Compostela. It caters the most modern dental technology, and its facilities are designed for the patient to feel comfortable and relaxed in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.


The best oral care a mere 10 minutes from Santiago de Compostela. It's facilities are designed for the patient to always feel comfortable. With excellent public transport connections from the city centre and large parking areas should you choose to drive.

Adapted clinic

Our clinic is fully adapted for people with reduced mobility by avoiding architectural barriers; the access, internal circulation, and toilets have all been designed to make the patient’s stay in our clinic easier.