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web autogestionable

Self-manageable design and web development


Dr. Gómez Barreiro's clinic is a specialized dental clinic. With two clinics, located in Santiago de Compostela and Bertamiráns, they offer services focused on the oral health needs of patients.

Invbit's web design and development team has been in charge of carrying out this web project. It has an Administration panel that allows you to manage all the content in an agile and simple way. The person in charge of updating the content will be able to edit, delete and add texts and pictures without having to have an extensive knowledge of content managers as CMS. Special attention has been paid to the Responsive design, so that the web adapts perfectly to all types of screens, adapting its design and content.

The website is ready to add and adapt new languages, in addition to current Spanish and English.

  • Wordpress + Bespoke design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Material design