Personal note

My name is Javier Gómez Barreiro, I was graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 2001. Then I did a Specialization Master's Degree in Integrated Pediatric Dentistry for a year and a half and later a full-time three years long Master's Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, sharing experience with excellent colleagues. The training in the first of them stood out for its transversal aspect regarding the different aspects of pediatric dentistry beyond restorative dentistry and behavior management in uncooperative patients. Deepening the knowledge of craniofacial development and its alterations, understanding the bases that end up later defining occlusion in adults and an important approach in the field of surgery, practical and theoretical, were decisive in the quality of the training. During the three years of specialization in orthodontics, the flow of knowledge of orthodontic techniques was expanded, especially in the field of TMJ occlusion and dysfunction. I am grateful for two important things from the teachers who participated in my training and especially from its director, Dr. David Suárez Quintanilla: on the one hand, his eagerness to transmit knowledge and understand the importance of resorting to the appropriate sources of information, both in the scientific literature, as in attendance and participation in numerous national and international congresses and, on the other hand, the quality of personal treatment. This training was complemented by the completion of the doctorate courses that I defended with the work on the Application of the Finite Element Method in different Facial Biotypes.

After the training, it was time to put into practice what I had learned, the work in the clinic. During the last 15 years I have been able to enjoy working and sharing experiences in the company of excellent teams of dentists, hygienists and auxiliary staff both in my own clinics in Bertamiráns and Santiago de Compostela and in those with which I have collaborated over the years: Fernández Higueras from Lugo, Vázquez Taín from Ourense, Alonso de la Peña from Santiago and Ozores from O Grove.

I have maintained a close link with our faculty; first, as a collaborating professor of the Master of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and, currently, of the Master of Pediatric Dentistry of the Department of Special Patients, which allows me to continue enjoying and participating in it today.

The blog

In my professional life I have dedicated myself exclusively to the practice of orthodontics. Complex orthodontic treatments, in adults and children, in combination with temporomandibular dysfunction treatments have always been one of my favorite areas of study. This study brings me closer to other fields of medicine, but the integration of our profession with other specialties of medicine is a pending issue that, perhaps, time will resolve, such as through advances in the field of genetics exercising of conductive thread.

The idea of this blog arose as a need to express and share my professional experience. On the one hand, with information aimed at professional colleagues or anyone interested in approaching the subject matter and, on other occasions, in relation to more common aspects or doubts that may interest any person as a patient.

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