25 June 2023

Genomepleio: Genetic integration in the clinic.

This article has something special for me. As you know, those of you who follow this blog, posts present a common thread that is my professional […]
18 January 2023

Incisal palatal erosion, the face of reflux

What is Dental Erosion?  Dental erosion (DE) is the loss of dental structure (enamel, dentin or root cementum) due to the action of acids of non-bacterial origin.  The […]
4 December 2022

Amelogenesis Imperfecta: deciphering the enamel prisms

During the early stages of embryogenesis, craniofacial development is mediated by stem cells, called cranial neural crest cells (CNCs), responsible for all head structures except muscles […]
27 November 2022

The shadow of nickel

In orthodontics it is common for us to find patients who are allergic or sensitive to nickel. Some of them are aware of it, others aren’t; […]
13 March 2022

Personalized or precision dentistry

There are certain partially or totally genetically based diseases whose phenotypic expression in the form of signs and symptoms affects various parts of the human body. […]
21 December 2021

Asymptomatic patients and chameleons, clinical challenges of the future

As I mentioned in a previous article, the term pleiotropy refers to how one gene is responsible for multiple phenotypic effects. This becomes more relevant when […]
1 March 2021

Tinnitus, temporomandibular dysfunction and the conundrum of the loops

The concept of tinnitus, from a generic point of view, with its multiple causes, is not the subject of this article. Those cases that have already […]